Good reasons to dare short hair cuts

If you hesitate to adopt the shortcut, either for fear of being less feminine or for fear of being more limited in your looks, I prove the contrary here!. 

Here are some reasons why you should dare Cheveux courts (I limit myself to some because my list would be endless!).

1. It is the ultimate accessory for an instantly stylish look! Whether you have a prescription or not, it does not matter since the supermarkets of this world now offer you a multitude of models with glasses without strength and cheap.

How does the shortcut enhance the wearing of glasses? The branches, shapes, and materials are more visible. Thus, the created effect is actually amplified!.

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2. Whether it's a hat, cap or torque, you cover the nut has never been so pretty with your shortcut!

Without a joke, when I had a half-length cut, the hats made me more or less well. Now, it's a completely different thing, I can not believe it!

Thanks to your short hair, your face is clear and the look is worn towards your star accessory, the hat, which makes the investment even more interesting.


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